You may have been dancing for a number of years now, or this may be your first year; we are excited that you are interested in performing at an elite competition level.
Competition classes provide students with an opportunity to showcase their skills and talents outside the arena of our end of year concert performance. These classes are for students who are driven, dedicated and work hard at their passion. Weekly training sessions see our students learn performance excellence and comradery as they support each other all whilst striving to become the best dancers they possibly can.
For our teams to be as successful as possible, students are required to go above and beyond the commitment they might currently exhibit in their other weekly classes. The Edge has successfully competed nationally for many years at a high standard with outstanding results. If this sounds like the class for you, please email Lisa for further information.

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Currently The Edge competes at the Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation (AASCF) competitions in their dance section. We choose to compete with AASCF as they run the largest, most professional dance competitions in Australia. 

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