Pom-Pom is a dance squad or dance team that participates in competitive dance. In a routine, a squad will incorporate a specific dance style (such as hip-hop, jazz or lyrical), technical work (tumbling, leaps, turns, kicks, splits, jumps) whilst holding both pom-poms for 80% of the routine. Routines last up to 2.30 minutes and are performed on a 12 x 12 floor.

Pom squads are much like stunt cheerleading or dance, but with the use of pom-poms. Pom squads also use kick-lines in their routines. A kick-line is a routine of kicks such as high kicks, fan kicks, low kicks, and kicks that go to the waist.

Pom squads emphasize precise, synchronized motions along with technical dance skills (such as jumps, turns and leaps). Their routines encompass a variety of styles of dance styles and genres. A key feature of the routine is the ability to change formations very smoothly and seamlessly with great energy, dynamics and explosive power.

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